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Frequently asked questions

Ordering an eBill – How can I order an eBill?

Ordering and editing eBills in easy on OP eServices.

When you are paying a paper bill on OP eServices, you get a tip on enabling eBilling. You can also find an eBill link in your account transactions. When you are paying a bill online, some creditors (payees) ask you whether you want to become an eBill user. If you want to receive an eBill, say yes and confirm the payment as usual.

You can also order eBills by selecting a creditor (payee) from the "Select creditor" list on OP eServices.  Make the latest bill of the payee concerned available to you because you need the reference number and the customer number shown in the bill.

User identifiers for OP eServices are locked – What am I supposed to do if my personal user identifiers have been locked?

If your user identifiers or key code list has been locked due to your own typo, you can try to re-log into the service after 24 hours. Your user identifiers will be reactivated if you type them correctly when you log in next time. If you re-type wrong user identifiers, you can reactivate them by visiting a Group member cooperative bank branch.

If you need to have your user identifiers reactivated in less than 24 hours, visit your nearest OP member cooperative bank branch.  Remember to take your valid personal ID document with you. Please note that online user identifiers is your key to OP eServices. For this reason, don't give your online user identifiers to anyone else.

If you suspect that your personal online user identifiers have fallen into the hands of an unauthorised party, deactivate them immediately by calling OP telephone service at 010 253 1333 (weekdays from 9 am until 4 pm, local network charge/mobile charge). Outside the telephone service hours, deactivate your user identifiers by calling the deactivation service, tel. +358 20 333 (24/7). Also report to the telephone service when it is open again.

Further payment confirmation does not work – Have you given an incorrect phone number for the further payment confirmation service?

When you are making payments or confirming eBills, we can send you an SMS message asking you to confirm the payment's details. This is a security feature providing protection against misuse of online identifiers and online crime. If you receive an SMS message, check that its details match the details of your original transaction. If the SMS message's details do not match your original transaction's details, do not enter a key code and do not confirm the payment on OP eServices.

If you do not receive a further payment confirmation text message, check whether you have given your current phone number for the service.

Do the following:

  • Log into OP eServices.
  • Select Omat yhteystiedot (Personal contact details) and check the phone number.

If your phone number changes, remember to update it on your personal data to make sure you receive our further confirmation SMS messages.

The bank's SMS messages asking for further payment confirmation will always be sent from number +358 40 7118180 and signed by OP.

Supported browsers – Which browser versions support the use of OP eServices?

OP eServices ( works in all major web browsers: Edge, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari. We recommend that you use the latest browser version.

Support in this context means that we test such browsers for the performance of We do not support any test and beta versions or browser extensions (excluding the VidyoWeb extension used in OP online meetings.) We cannot guarantee that OP eServices will work if you use a browser other than mentioned above.


Why are not all sections available at

We are building the services in stages. We have first brought the most commonly used services. It will take time to build the service, but we wanted to open it as early as possible to enable pilot testers to familiarise themselves with it. The existing OP eServices is operational alongside with