Mobiiliavaimella voit vahvistaa tapahtumat OP-mobiilissa ilman avainlukulistaa.

The Mobile key is here!

Confirm transactions easily with the Mobile key on OP-mobile without a key code list. Find out more

Confirm transactions on OP-mobile without a key code list

The Mobile key is a new confirmation tool on OP-mobile, in addition to the key code list. You can choose the 4–8-digit Mobile key PIN. With the PIN you can confirm on OP-mobile transactions that previously required using the key code list.

The Mobile key is part of OP-mobile, so you don't need to download a new app in order to use it. OP-mobile will be updated either automatically, depending on your settings, or by downloading the latest app version from your app store. After update, OP-mobile will suggest enabling the Mobile key, which is easy with the key code list.

Requirements for activating the Mobile key

Activating the Mobile key requires iOS 9.0 or a newer version. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. On an Android platform 4.0 or a newer user interface.

How can I start using the Mobile key?

The Mobile key is enabled on OP-mobile. Log into OP-mobile and the app will then suggest enabling the Mobile key. You will only need your key code list and the mobile phone whose number you have added as your phone number for further confirmation*. You will also be able to enable the Mobile key later, by going to Benefits and tools.

*The number for further confirmation is the mobile phone number you have added to your details in the service. The number is used, for instance, for SMS confirmation. To add your number, go to Settings and management in the service.

Can the Mobile key be enabled in several devices?

You can have two different Mobile keys enabled at the same time. For example, one in your phone and one in a tablet.

Is the Mobile key secure?

The Mobile key is always linked to a personal device and it is used with a PIN which you select and only you know.

Can I throw away the key code list?

Keep the key code list, because you will still need it to enable the Mobile key and to make transactions in other channels.

My Mobile key PIN has fallen into the wrong hands

You can either change your PIN on OP-mobile or disable the Mobile key on OP-mobile, or by contacting a bank branch.

My phone is missing

You can either remove the Mobile key from an individual device in the service or request its removal by contacting OP telephone service or a bank branch.

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