Welcome to the op.fi service, you can find all of the former Pohjola’s products and services here

OP's website op.fi has been redesigned and it now includes insurance and banking services for all our customers. The Pohjola.fi website is no longer in use.

Insurance’s customer service

OP Insurance’s customer service (formerly Pohjola Insurance) will continue to serve you by telephone on 0303 0303.

Report losses

You can report losses and damage via OP Claim Help, Pohjola’s loss report is no longer available.

OP-Pohjola Group became OP Financial Group on 4 April 2016. You can recognize all our insurance, banking and asset management products and services by the OP brand. Pohjola Insurance was renamed OP Insurance on 4 April 2016.

Pohjola became the name of our health services business

Pohjola Health Ltd is a provider of health services and is owned by OP Financial Group. It aims to maximise the health and wellbeing of the people in Finland.