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OP - A strong partner in investment and capital markets. Flexible solutions for market risk management.

The service selection for the Markets business activities includes the arrangement of debt emissions, custody, equity, foreign currency, money market and derivative products, as well as research and analysis services.

OP’s goal is to be the leading actor within the capital market in Finland and to further strengthen OP’s position as the facilitator of new equity issues and emissions, and an advisor on corporate acquisitions for Finnish companies.

We also offer various solutions for short and long-term corporate investing and risk management within different market conditions.


As an investment, bonds provide the investor with a predetermined yield and maturity period for the investment. Similarly, when your company is looking to expand its capital base through market-based financing, bonds are a good alternative to balance sheet financing.

Structured products

Structured investment products comprise bonds that facilitate long-term investment opportunities in different market situations. The yield from such investments is based partly or entirely on the value development of a specific underlying instrument.

Money market investments

Money market instruments are short-term investments. They provide the investor with a predetermined yield and maturity period for the investment. Similarly, when your company is looking to expand its capital base through market-driven financing, money market instruments are a good alternative to balance sheet financing.


Companies are increasingly using derivatives for the purpose of hedging against interest, foreign currency and other price risks. They are intended to effectively hedge against such market risks that might have a significant impact on the financial result of your company, including foreign currencies, interest rates and commodities.

With the help of derivatives, we can also compose investment products whose yield and risk profile can be tailored to meet your company’s market views and specific needs.

Market risk management

The aim of market risk management is to assist your company in achieving its financial goals and avoiding undesirable events.

Business activities are vulnerable to changes in the market conditions. The market factors affecting your company’s business vary depending on the nature of the activity in question, but they can all cause a considerable fluctuation in your result and cash flow. Market risk management is the foundation for predictable business activities, the maintenance of liquidity and the reduction of fluctuation in business results.

Interest rate risk management

Interest rate risks are generated by interest rate changes in the interest rate market. The aim of interest rate management is to reduce both the insecurity related to interest rate costs and the interest rate costs themselves as related to adverse interest rate movements. You can manage your company’s interest rate risks flexibly and efficiently by means of interest rate hedging.

Exchange rate risk management

Your company will always face exchange rate risks when dealing in currencies other than the euro. The exchange rates can fluctuate during the period from the signing of an agreement and the repatriation or payment in the relevant foreign currency. You can hedge your company against currency risks effectively with the help of our foreign currency hedging products.

Contact your OP Group member bank and our experts will assist you in selecting the optimal financing and investment solution for your company for any situation.

The service offers your company diverse opportunities for securities custody and clearance. You can select from three different options depending on the desired investment activity level and the needs of your company.

An application that enables your company to do foreign exchange transactions easily online in all the key foreign currencies regardless of time or place.

We offer your company the opportunity to monitor the results of our equity research online. The focus of our research is on sector and company analysis.

The service includes a daily morning review, the possibility to sort and compare researched companies and several listing alternatives. You will also receive broader strategic statements once a month and, biannually, an investment strategy covering the whole market.